Joansa Construction - Page 3
Rick Fletcher - Central Coast NSW Australia
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1. The jig saw was inverted in a vice to cut the doublers - a plywood throat plate gives a cutting surface close to the saw blade.
Date: 17th Aug 06
2. Doublers epoxied to the frames.
3. Trial fitting the first stringer. My stringers were 18 x 12 mm to suit existing hoop pine. The bow end was cut to fit first.
4. The transom end was left over-length as per John's instructions and trimmed to fit after the bow bevel was cut.
5. A bit out of sequence but shows the fitting of the stringers to the stem - set back about 12mm. These are the only screws used in the construction so far.
6. Stringer were checked for level and "fair curve" before gluing. Some up & down adjustments were needed.
7. One helper tries out the aft seat & happily wore ear protection while machinery was running.
8. A piece of scrap was clamped to the stringer to help twist it for better alignment.
9. Shows how alignment was maintained (as per pic 8) and the stem kept square with the building jig.
10. More clamps hold the top stringers, when trimmed to length, to the transom.
11/12. Additional seat supports are planned with seat braces biscuit jointed to the spine and running to the stringers. The biscuits are completely encased in epoxy.
13. In frame 2 the stringer was notched down & in #3 it was raised to get a "fair" line.
14. Still square!
15. Stringer #2 has its trial fit.
16. This shows how I marked the stem and the stringer for cutting. The piece of wood under the stringer supports it while it is cut.
17. Spanish windlass used to hold the aft end of the stringers in place.
18. I used a scrap piece of wood to align the bow end of the stringers. This should simplify planking(?).
19/20. You shouldn't have to do this! Read the notes on photo 20 and do it the way John says!
21. The stringers look reasonably "fair".
22/23/24. I decided to cut-out and trial fit the seats before planking as access was easier at this stage.
Date: 28th Aug
More coming as soon as I get a chance!
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