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Rick Fletcher - Central Coast NSW Australia
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1/2/3. Well ... the first oar laminating was a shambles. Trying to cramp the laminates was like a greasy pig chase. They slipped all over the place and a few judicious nails were banged in to keep some order. This time I had cleats in place to keep the laminates from sliding around. Another 9 G Cramps from the neighbour also helped.
4. Only the two bow planks to go.
5. One bow plank in place.
6/7. Red letter day! All the planks done.

21st Sep 06
8. Another stuff-up! Read the plans Rick. I recessed the rowing seat into the stringers. Wrong - it should be level.
9. Instead of doubling the edge with ply, I have used 12mm hoop pine so that I can get a contrasting colour in the finish.
10/ 11.The doubler is shaped to fit over the stringers; lightened with a few holes, and the edge is bevelled (jig saw angled over as far as it would go). This will later be shaped for a smooth & comfortable edge.
12. Trial fitting of the inwhales and a lot of time going into filleting. By the time I finish, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!
13. Experimenting with the blocks in the gunl's. The fitting of these to a curve worried me - it's OK in most areas but in the tighter curves, the blocks will need to be curved slightly. 23rd Sep 06
14/15/16. I have added reinforcing to the seats as I was concerned about the large unsupported areas of ply. I intend to use the boat and will probably walk over the seats and use the boat in some exposed waters. The braces are 18 x 25mm and are biscuit joined to the centre spine and shaped to the stringers. It shouldn't add too much weight.
2nd Oct 06 (time lost due to a death & a birth).
17. Shaping of the stem has commenced and there will be little need for any extra epoxy.
18. The oars are under construction & I have laminated them out of 5 layers - thin meranti in the middle then hoop pine. In Pic 21 I am adding the extra laminates at the top of the oar (oregon).
19. These are oar profiles which I have used to set out the oars and will later use as an aid to shaping them (more detail later if it works!).
20. I roughed out the centre laminates to shape with a jig saw and circular saw.
4th Oct 06
21. This shows the extra oregon laminates being epoxied in place. I used "Purbond" for the centre laminates but I am not quite convinced that was a good choice.

22. The rear seat also has a doubler under the forward edge - here having been epoxied in place.

23. More detail of the doublers and stiffener under the rowing seat.
24. The doubler and stiffener were epoxied together.
8th Oct 06
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