Builder - Rick Fletcher
Far South Coast, NSW Australia

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Joansa Construction
Joansa is a John Welsford (NZ) design.

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Construction of the building jig commenced on 1st July 2006. Plywood, epoxy resin, fillers and all the other building materials were supplied by Dave Giddings at
Drive Marine Services® in Sydney (02 9533 5470) on the 9th July. I can recommend Dave's efficient & friendly service & supply of products for anybody near Sydney. He is a distributor of BoatCraft Pacific® products including the Bote-Cote® epoxy resins.

The plans, rowlocks and some books (including John Welsford's book) came from Duck Flat Wooden Boats®
in South Australia. The delivery speed was extraordinary - ordered pm on 29th June, arrived early am on the 3oth!
Note: this is the way I built the boat and I am NOT a professional boatbuilder. The techniques shown suited me and generally followed John's plans & building guide. I have made a few changes to suit my requirements.
Not the right oars -but it's in the water!

Launched 26th March 07
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