Joansa Construction - Page 1
Rick Fletcher - Central Coast NSW Australia
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1. Plans arrive for Joansa, a John Welsford design (NZ)
Date: 30th June 06
2. Building jig - lovely straight 2nd hand oregon.
3. Jig commenced 1st July 06 with an emphasis on square & level.
4. Jig finished on 4th July 06
Only recycled timber used. The whole thing unscrews for storage.
5. Lofting frames to full size. I copied the plan & cut it into small sections for ease of use.
6. Tracing the frame parts for later transfer to plywood.
7. Scarfing the bottom plank (12th July) to an angle of 1 in 8. Offsets being 8 x 6 =48mm
8. Starting to plane the scarf.
9. Scarf planing finished...
10... and epoxied together (20th July)
11. Cutting bottom plank with a jig saw.
12. Frame tracings were used with Saral "transfer paper " to copy the drawings to the ply. The little roller wheel was good for tracing curves
13. Tracing multiples.
14. Cutting frames using a rough "Vee" support. You really feed the ply into the jig saw.
15/16. Frames and bottom plank get a coat of TPRDA epoxy.
(I later just coated the whole sheet of ply which is much quicker)
17. Frame components undergo assembly. Epoxy doesn't stick to black garden plastic
18. Test fit of the bottom plank. I "waisted" the hull supports which proved very useful during planking.
19. I also slipped the hull position back slightly so that the jig didn't interfere with the frame positions (didn't really matter anyway).
20. Some of the incomplete frames propped in place to give me a rough idea of appearance.
21. Frame 2 stiffeners go in place.
I am using Hoop Pine which is in 18mm thick boards. This is ripped and thicknessed to 18 x 12 mm

22. Frame 3 stiffeners (under rowing seat)

23. I thought I had enough clamps - no way. Now I have well over 40 and it's still not enough.

24. Doublers epoxied to the stem.

Date: 7th Aug 06
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