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Fathers' Day 2005 - 150 Years of Rail in NSW
and the Official Opening of our project
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Photographs provided by Bill Muldoon, Peter & Christine Culley, Kylie Moorhead
The Copyright of these photographs remains with the source / photographer and these photographs may not be reproduced without their permission.
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3801sweeps around the curve approaching Tarana from Sodwalls.
Distinguished guests, MP for Bathurst Gerard Martin (rt) and Councillor John McMahon (lft) The crew of 3801 look on with amusement at the crowd gathered to greet them. Moving off to Orange.
The magic of steam.
This would be the largest crowd on Tarana station platform for some time!
Honoured guests on the day were the members of Lithgow Highland Pipe Band.
Their playing was much appreciated by all of the visitors in Tarana as well as the patrons on 3801.
Joan, Keith and Arthur prepare to sell raffle tickets and memberships.. The crew wind down after a successful day. President Shane having changed from top hat and tails to more appropriate gear for driving the steam roller. Unfortunately, the wet weather prevented unloading of the roller.