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Fathers' Day 2005 - 150 Years of Rail in NSW
and the Official Opening of our project.

Photographs on this page provided by Doug Booker (top2 rows) & Kylie Moorhead
The Copyright of these photographs remains with the source / photographer and these photographs may not be reproduced without their permission.
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3801 approaching Tarana  
Preparing for the haul to Orange. Listening to Gerard Martin make the official speech to celebrate 150 Years of Railways and to open the OTHR restoration project. Mayor Bob Hooper and Couincillor Zsuzsanna Handelsmann
Ian Gordon (left) introducing Oberon Mayor Bob Hooper in the red shirt. Gerard Martin MP, baby Ellie and President Shane. People crowding around the carriages and especially examining the loco. What all the best dressed enginemen and their offsiders wear.