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Fathers' Day 2005 - 150 Years of Rail in NSW
and the Official Opening of our project - Page 1

Photographs provided by Bill Muldoon, Peter & Christine Culley, Kylie Moorhead
The Copyright of these photographs remains with the source / photographer and these photographs may not be reproduced without their permission.
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What it was all about - a visit from 3801 (coutesy of "3801 Ltd") paved the way for the opening. Before the event Arthur helps spruce up the station by removing cobwebs... ...Bluey & Brownie sweep the platforms... does Keith Jones.
Serious officers briefing while the troops stand rigidly to attention. Matt looks mystified about the contents of the bag. Ahah! It looks like some sort of tent. If this bloke won't move the car I'll just drive the peg into the mudguard.
Perhaps I'll get a lift up that way.
Some of the crowd gathered on the station to welcome 3801 Peter & Christine in the spirit of the day with their lovely period costume.
MP for Bathurst, Gerard Martin officially opens the OTHR project to restore the line.(D.Booker) Marina & John Meznaric.
Marina's costume is a 150 yr old Slovenian national dress
President Shane resplendant in top hat and tails with equally resplendant daughter Ellie. The Secretary goes mad with power as a Station Master