"Brolgan Road" Building Progress 2016
Rick Fletcher - NSW Australia

Updated 3 Nov 2016

I am constructing as fast as possible. However, as always, progress is slower than expected. Planning, benchwork, trackwork and wiring are in place.

Now I am laboriously testing the trackwork and infrastructure to see if it will actually perform. There is a heavy emphasis on electronics but not on automated running. The whole system is DCC but can be converted to DC with one switch. DC operation is unlikely but it is handy for testing a loco before conversion to DCC.

All 44 points are servo controlled and operated from overlapping but separate panels which are visible in the following photos. The controlling system uses a CAN-BUS which is 2 extra wies carrying all the data that controls everything . Look up MERG (UK) on the web.

Other than painting the baseboard a uniform colour, there is little scenery yet. About 50 yearsworth of loco and rolling stock is being updated, repaired, weathered and constructed.

Here it is, warts and all at a stage that allows some basic operation.                      Rick Fletcher

This is a rough plan of the room and benchwork

West - "Brolgan Road" Station

North - Carriage Works

North - Carriage Works

East - Yard

East - Yard & Control Panel. Track is glued to the road base with Latex Cement (see link on Index)

South - Loco with turntable. Inluded are 3 of the last manual points levers.

Loco - turntable end. The overscale Shell tanker is a track cleaner.

South West - Turntable and lifting entry bridge.

The yawning chasm is protected by microswitched power on both sides.

Work area - temporary. When the layout is more complete the work & storage benches will be compacted and stored
under the layout at the N & S end to leave the floor area clear for operators. Curtains will hide the goodies under the layout.