These are my personal ideas on the model railway hobby and my layout "Brolgan Road". No guarantee that my ideas are right!
I am a jack of all trades and master of none. The topics are mostly illustrated with photos (a thousand words etc.)
Brolgan Road
is a corruption of the name of the small station Brolgan on the Western Line between Parkes and Broken Hill.
It was the second 'station' from Parkes and was close to Goobang Signal Box near where we lived, although long gone now.
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"Charles" and his new suit of clothes! (19 Jan 2017)
Of "Sugar Cubes", gravel, "goop", commands and cabs. (18 Jan 2017)
Conversion of a Fleischmann HO 0-6-0 4028 Steam shunter to DCC



One way to fit brass numbers to HO locomotives.



Progress to date (Nov 2016) with most trackwork in place and undergoing final testing.
DCC is fine (NCE) and fully operational using JMRI and radio cabs (plus Android & iOs devices). Points (turnouts) are servo operated from electronic panels using a CAN BUS system devised by MERG (UK). This uses 2 wires and a series of microprocessor controlled PCBs.
Scenic detail is creeping along.



Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are possibly a step too far for many railway enthusiasts. However the material lends itself to many simple possibilities.
This a simple topic about switching multiple 240V wall outlets with a remote control
Here are a bunch of photographs which might provide you with an idea for storing your tools.

Manual Point Lever frames used to for "Wire in Tube" operation of points and crossovers.
Updated 22 Aug 2016

Whilst they work extremely well, I have phased them out because I like working with electronics.

Modifying Peco Code 75 Electrofrog points for operation on"Brolgan Road".
Dealing with the need to have a rail join at a lifting section.
Flextrack needs to be connected by "rail joiners". I prefer to call them "aligners" as they really can't be relied on to JOIN or at least electrically connect two pieces of track.
EACH section of track must be connected to your DC or DCC Bus with a feeder wire or "dropper". This section explains how to carry that out with some special notes about feeding wire through FOAM based layouts.
Using servos like the Micro 9g Metal Gear Servo to control points on a foam based layout.
Lay track on foam with a LATEX adhesive.
The adhesive is cheap and able to be removed if change is needed.
Make your own drills for clean holes in FOAM (XPS & EPS)
Control Panels - an easy way.
Drilling holes in acrylic and sharpening drills for the task
Make a soldering fumes disperser
Ease the strain of working UNDER your layout + a solder holder
How to make a light weight, easy build foam based layout like "Brolgan Road"
And what foam to use.

Lifting Entry Section

Reinforcing Foam Sheet

  • Make a hinged lifting entry section (another way)

  • How to cheaply and simply reinforce 25mm and 50mm foam sheet

Try this for making a Light Weight Portable or Demo Layout (eg train shows)
COMING:    (when I get a chance)
  • keep details of your locos and decoders
  • mount auxiliary PCBs (MERG etc) under your layout
  • mount a laptop PC or tablet under your layout
  • track planning - on the fly
  • use LED floodlights

Rick Fletcher - Kalaru NSW Australia (SE corner)
Railway modeller since I was old enough to wind up the clockwork Hornby O gauge loco.

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