Fume Disperser at "Kalrail"
Rick Fletcher - NSW Australia

I have never been happy with the fumes from lead based soldering wafting into my face. A properly fitted extractor hood would be ideal but I cannot justify the cost or space for hobby use. I know I probably should use lead free solder but I have never been happy with the finished joint.

This simple device at least blows the fumes across the work area for dispersal instead of up into my nose.

I have recycled a computer cooling fan (12v 300mA) wired to a fan speed control which was also recycled. I notice that you can buy the simple controller on eBay at $3.40 AU from China. It is adjustable to give enough airflow to move the fumes. without being too draughty.

My unit plugs into a 12v outlet on my workbench - also available for testing various MERG & other projects.