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The Oberon Line
These photographs are provided as a background to the restoration of the branch line and for the information of historians and enthusiasts. Where possible, sources have been acknowledged. If you have any additional information about errors, sources or captions, please advise OTHR
The Copyright of these photographs remains with the source / photographer and these photographs may not be reproduced without their permission.
If you have any photographs you would like to make available for public viewing could you please contact:
Historical Photographs - Local Collections from the Oberon District:
Local Photographs Page 1 Some local photographs of the early days on the Oberon Branch including the opening day ceremony.
Local Photographs Page 2 More early photographs of the line including extensive photos of the goods train accident at Tarana in 1950.
Len Manny photos.
Historical Photographs from Recognised Collections (arranged in an approximate time line):
Ron Preston Collection - Page 1 The first page of Ron's valuable photographs - this set being from 1955.
Ron Preston Collection - Page 2 The 2nd page of Ron's valuable photographs - this set on 3rd Aug 1957.
Dennis O'Brien Collection Page 1 21 photos of a Down Mixed in 1960 and 21 photos of a Special Oberon Tour Train 14th May 1961
Graeme Stanley Collection These photographs show the last regular steam hauled train on 23 Jan 1963 plus two earlier photos - one from 1959 and one from 1962..
Dennis O'Brien Collection Page 2 17 photos of the ARHS Special Train to Oberon 9th March 1963 and 9 photos of the last Commercial Service to Oberon - 27th September 1979.
Paul Ballard Collection 8 photos of the ARHS Special Train to Oberon 9th March 1963.
Dr. John Kramer Collection 2 more photos of the ARHS Special Train to Oberon 9th March 1963 and 10 photos of 4857 working the line on 16th August 1977.
Tony Woodland Collection 4 photos taken during the last steam train run in NSW on 21st April 1974 showing 4522 on the Oberon Branch as well as 7 interesting photographs of Tarana including the signal box.
The Gray Collection Some interesting photographs taken circa 1975. These were contributed by James and Jeanette Gray in late 2009.
Bob Winch Collection These photographs of 4917 on an Up Goods were taken by Bob Winch in the late 1970s.
Photographs of OTHR Restoration Work in Progress:
Archive An archive including pages of photographs of the restoration of the Oberon Tarana railway line - currently in Stage 1, Oberon to Hazelgrove.
Survey Photographs These photographs were taken during the surveyof the line - early 2006.
These have been LOST for some time!
Wickham Restoration A photographic report of the restoration of OTHR's 1955 Wickham Type 4 Section Car.
Historical Photos of Rolling Stock built by Tulloch Ltd Rhodes*:
The Tulloch Photos. * The Tulloch photographs are provided as a tool for researchers, historians and railway modellers. Copyright applies.