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Oberon Branch
Historical Photos - Early Days 1
These photographs are provided as a background to the restoration of the branch line and for the information of historians and enthusiasts.
Where possible, sources have been acknowledged. The Copyright of these photographs remains with the source / photographer and these photographs may not be reproduced without their permission.
If you have any photographs or additional information you would like to make available for public viewing could you please contact Rick at:   Likewise if you have any additional information about errors, sources or captions, please let me know.
A196 (later1945) on a construction train - bet. Dec1922 & May '23. Oberon Goods Shed under construction in the background. (Source: Oberon Museum)
The opening of the line on 3rd Oct 1923. detailed large photo (June 2007)
(Source: Alan Sharp Collection)
Opening day Wed 3rd Oct 1923.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Opening day Wed 3rd Oct 1923. Model T Ford in foreground.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Opening day 1953 - the ribbon is about to be cut by Mrs Burcher as the tender of A369 (1953) approaches.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Postcard - 1913 (?) in the late 40s or in 1950 at Oberon Station
(Source: The Valentine Publishing Co P/L)
1945 on a mixed from Oberon April '41. Unusually running funnel first to Tarana.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Circa 1930s mixed at Oberon station showing the side loading HS composite carriage with a GSV loaded sheep van.
(Source: Brenda Lyons)
1919 on the last steam hauled train in 1963
(Source: Oberon Museum)
1957, 2nd loco on the last steam hauled train in 1963 while 1919 runs around the train.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Hazelgrove station 1956, Oberon is to the right.
(Source: Michael Bannister.)
Rear of Hazelgrove station, facing East.
(Source: Photographer unknown - kindly provided by Oberon Library.)
See the GMR section for a 2005 update on 1919