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Please feel free to access this for your own personal use but I ask you to respect the copyright of the owners of the documents and images. Rather than stealing the images from these pages, please just provide a link to your mates so that they can see the originals on my web site - along with the captions and other details. These drawings are from the Stephen Preston Collection.

Ball & Throwover Levers
1954 - amended 1966
Typical Ballast Sections for welded track
Barrow - Sack
Sack Barrow - Darling Harbour 1953
Bolt Holding Tool
Bolt Holding Tool for Crossing Bolts 1954
Buffer Stop
Standard Buffer Stops 1960
Cattle Stop
Standard Moveable Cattle Stop 1959
NSWR Layout for Standard Derail 1924
Dog Spike
Standard 7/8" dia Dog Spike 1963
Drill Grinding
Method of Grinding High Speed Twist Drills 1957
Drum Grab
Steel Grab for Lifting 40 gal Drums 1936
Fairmont & Wickham Lifting Handles
Construction detials for Fairmont & Wickham Lifting Handles 1967
Standard Fettlers Fencing
NSWR Standard Fettlers Fencing 1937
Furnace Burner
Rivet Furnace Burner 1953
Goods Shed Door
Goods Shed Doors Across Tracks - Amended Type 1927
Hangers for Painting Bridges
Standard Adjustable Hangers for Painting Bridges 1937
Level Crossing Discs
Design of Red Discs on Level Crossing Gates 1950
Level Crossing Guardrail
Level Crossings - Provision and Fastening of Guard Rails 1963
Lift Fishplates
Lift Fishplates for 94lb and 107 lb rail - 1957
Loading Gauge
Loading Gauge 1939
Platform - Old Rail with Concrete Deck
Point - Restricted Left
Special 7 1/2 Lead Point - for use in Restricted Locations - Left Turnout 1957
Point - Restricted Right
Special 7 1/2 Lead Point - for use in Restricted Locations - Right Turnout 1957
Rail Lubricator Bracket
Aladdin Rail Lubricator Mild Steel Bracket
Rail Sections
Cross Sectional drawings of various rail profiles - 1946
Platform Name Board
Platform Name Board - Timber Board with Concrete Posts 1944
Toilet Seat & Pan
Closet Seat and Steel Casing
Rolling Stock Gauge
1937 Minimum Structure and Maximum Roling Stock Gauge for non-electric rolling stock.
Trucking Yards
Concrete Slabs for Races - T6 Trucking Yards 1935 Type
Trucking Yards
Loading Board Assembling & MS Details for T6 Trucking Yards 1935 Type
Turntables - Rail Bevel
NSWR Turntables - Bevel on rail ends - 1945
Speed Boards
NSWR Speed Boards for use in restricted locations.
Crossing 80lb 1:6.25
NSWR 80lb Siding Lead 1:6 1/4 Crossing
Crossing 80lb 1:8.25
NSWR 80lb Siding Lead 1:8 1/4 Crossing
Warning & Caution Board
NSWR Light Type Warning & Caution Board
Standard Fence using Star Posts
NSWGR Standard Fence Using Star Steel Fencing Posts
Portable Timber Walkway
NSWR Portable Timber Walkways Between Platforms
Standard Level Crossing Signs
Standard Level Crossing Signs
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