"Ruby" the Riley
Her new life from 1 Dec 2019 - Rick & Joan Fletcher

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UPDATED:    12 Mar 2021

This where we left it on the last page.
Glad to say that the steering wheel is back and I'm very pleased with it. Steve Gallagher at United Motor Trimmers, Goulburn NSW did a great job of hand stitching the rim in leather. 02 4822 5022
On the way to Goulburn I called in to see John's RMB 2.5 L Riley and was able to take some photos and discuss restoration with him.
This is John's lovely Riley in this set of 4 photos.

A project dear to my heart is the installation of a safety cut out switch.
This can save you watching your car go up in flames after a wiring fault which can happen in seconds. Fits into the battery earth lead.

A recent addition is rear shock aborbers from Pedders. Spare parts man Paul gave the part number (8038). Also fit a Valiant apparently.
The only problem I had was fitting the bushes in the eyes. They are no longer provided as 2 separate tapered rubber bushes. The Pedder's tech guys checked out the best solution which was to push out the existing one-piece bush and cut it in half. (necessary because the mounting pins face in opposite directions).Thanks Pedders.
All lights are undergoing change to LED bulbs.
The headlights fitted are P700s with original bulb bases P22d
The 2 fog lights are Lucas 4" 4G2 Foglamps with P22s bulbs. These will be daytime running lights
This is the park/turn signal light on the top of the front mudguards fitted with a Bay15d 15mm staggered pin bayonet bulb.
I extracted the n/s housing just behind the rear door as shown below.
These are the major parts and I found the basic solenoid function still operated the arm. Unfortunately the Semaphore arm is broken as shown. I will repair it and look for some replacements.

Here is a LINK to an ebay site selling these replacements for the festoon light bulb. This should be a direct replacement for the old ones.

I think this will improve the operation of these historical details.

The old wiring loom is past its best days. Some recognisable TR2 bits.
I haven't got it but like many others, I had some mild flu like symptoms. OK now and able to get on with work on Ruby.
One "Corona" project was to assemble my BSF dies and taps into a rack so I can easily find the ones I want to clean up or cut threads. Where possible I am using original bolts and nuts.
Most of the wiring has now been removed from the front half of the car and it was clearly the best procedure as I can now clean up the engine bay and give it a new coat of paint.