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Work Report June 18 2006

These photographs show some of the gangs at work on restoring the line - Sunday June 18th 2006

         Report on work completed from Vice President Bill Muldoon:
Oberon Station Yard
- Points cleared by a team armed with mattocks, picks & shovels.
                                   - RFS team burned off the long grass to Albion St including the kids bike track.
Cattle Yards - Cleared dead weeds and debris removed.
Gate 4 to Gate 6 (Factory area) - Line exposed and partially removed.
Rutters Ridge Rd to Clover Lane - RFS team burned off the long grass


Colin Maloney operating the mini excavator from Mayfield

Peter Culley operated the bobcat. Workers from left to right: Colin Bembrick,  ?  , Arthur Robinson in the red/blue beanie, Bluey Hoffmann, ?,  David Clifton-Hill swinging the pick. David drove up from Hunters Hill for the day!

Charles Hazlewood in the front.
This gang is working in front of the factory area just North of Oberon. They are using machinery and operators generously provided by local businesses. The provision of this support is critical to the restoration of the line and is very much appreciated by OTHR and the community.
A full list of donors will be provided in an Honor Roll as details come to hand.
Alison Allan  and Glenda Bembrick cleaning out the trucking yards adjacent to the Oberon Station. Another gang: Marjorie Webb,  Zsuzsanna Handelsman, John and Elizabeth Brotchie and Brian Hustwayte (TV cameraman who joined on the day) at work on points in the yard area. Oberon RFS Brigade and gangers at work burning off stubble on the line - Jonathan Bentley in front.
The Moorhead Engineering work crane and OTHR gangers hard at work recovering line and sleepers. Shane at the Controls & Charles doing a lot of pointing!