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NRN 22726 Refrigerated Van for Work Train
On the 8th November 2007 OTHR investigated some items of rolling stock at Bathurst with the view to using them to form a work train. It was not until 18th February 2010 that we managed to acquire two items (including the NRN) by deed of transfer from ORH and the flat wagon by arrangement with a commercial operator. (photos ©Rick Fletcher - unless noted)
Planned use:
This refrigerated van is to be converted to a work train storage van. It is to be repainted in the original white paint and used on the work train for secure storage of tools and equipment.
Whilst these vans were never used on the Oberon line, plans are in hand for it to be displayed in the goods siding, when not in use, with an interpretive description of the handling of meat in centres such as Blayney.
Priority: Repaint body and commplete mechanical check.
Clean & secure with lockable doors.
Click to reveal the missing number. Revealed by varying the brightness/contrast to clearly show a 7 which accords with the range of numbers assigned to these vans.
This wagon was originally an NRN Refrigerated Van - now coded NBTY 22726U (as above although listed by ORH as NBTY 2222U)
A close look at the enlarged photo shows the outline of a "7" in the blank space.

These ‘ice-chilled’ steel-bodied were built to replace the ageing fleet of timber bodied refrigerated vans then in service. They are a very plain looking van with a mansard shaped roof. There are 8 hatches on the roof for the loading of ice. 2 tons of ice was hand loaded for cooling purposes. Later these vans were modified for use as general vans without refrigeration.
Builders: 30 vans were built by Goninan in 1973-74 and were numbered 22701 – 22730.

Length: 11.58m Tare: 29t Capacity: Gross: 44t (52 cu metres)

Doors: 1.55m by 2.10 m double opening

Bogies: 2CM (YMC) originally, then any bogie exchange type after they were converted to general box vans.

- As introduced, they were coded NRY (?? NRN)
- They were recoded NRNY in 1980.
- Most were converted to general use box vans and were recoded NBTX/NBTY.

Colour Scheme:
The vans have only ever appeared in one colour scheme. Body and roof is painted white, underframe and bogies are black.

Further Modifications:
As part of their conversion to general box vans, the ice hatches were sealed and bogies were changed.

The vans were used for the transport of perishable meat and fruit traffic from all areas of the state. When introduced they started to replace the timber-bodied MRC type vans. They were seen used together with TRC and other louvred vans on the faster perishable and fruit express trains. When this form of traffic was lost to road transport, the vans were converted for use in general box van duties. They were all withdrawn in the mid to late 90’s. As late as 1997, 11 wagons were on the books as the NBTY.