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CW Cattle Wagon
OTHR is yet to pick up the CW which has been generously donated by TRAK (photos ©Rick Fletcher - unless noted)
Planned use:
This van is to be restored to form part of a rake of goods wagons to showcase a typical "period" working train on the Oberon branch.
Priority: Move to dry storage or cover, photograph and measure all details. Careful dismantling of sections and progressive reconstruction retaining as much of the original material as possible. Repainting gunmetal gray.

(photo ©S. Preston )

A restored CW at the NSW RTM
Four Wheeled Cattle Wagon

Livestock (horses, cattle, sheep and pigs ) were an important part of the traffic conveyed by NSW railways from 1855 to the 1980s. Most cattle would have been conveyed in wagons similar to this for delivery to the State Abattoir at Homebush (now the Olympic Site). They were designed to carry 12 cattle.