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Oberon Branch
These photographs are provided as a background to the restoration of the branch line and for the information of historians and enthusiasts.
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6th May 2010 - Preparing 7307 & 7321 for the Tow to Tarana
The two diesels needed to be prepared for the tow to Tarana. This involved cleaning, removing Patrick decals, thorough mechanical checking, replacement of some broken or missing items and removal of both #2 cardan shafts. (photos ©Rick Fletcher - unless noted)


Blinds and runners needed cleaning and lubricating.
Vacuumed and wiped clean.


Windows and floors cleaned and rubbish removed. Decal on #1 end removed with adhesive yet to be removed..

5 (photo ©Bob Gioias )

6 (photo ©Bob Gioias )
Rick Fletcher at work on the slow and laborious removal of decals
with a heat gun.
This loco must be mine!


Decals finally removed from 7307. One set of horns has been donated. They were all souvenired.
For donations of another set - we would be eternally grateful!
3 more sets required.


Graham Williams using elbow grease and spit and polish (well window cleaner anyway).