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29th May 2010 - 7307 & 7321 were moved from Port Botany to Eveleigh
On the 29th May 2010 a team of volunteers (listed below) retrieved locos 7307 and 7321, purchased by OTHR from Patricks. This activity would not have been possible without the active contribution of Lachlan Valley Railway, Goodwin Alco and 3801 Ltd - all combining to help Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway in its quest to rebuild the historic branch line. (photo ©Rick Fletcher - unless noted)


Steve Preston and "old mates" were on the job at Port Botany in the morning to liaise with the Patrick crew (who were most helpful during the whole process - many thanks!) and to finalise preparations of the two locos for the haul back to Eveleigh. They were back at Eveleigh by 12 noon and then followed a burst of activity to get 4501 and 4833 ready to fit in with the busy main line schedule.
The locos departed Eveleigh as 8D11 at 12.40 and arrived at Botany at 13.43 The return trip departed Botany as 8D12 at 14.10 and arrived at Eveleigh at 15.15


Jess and John carry out some trip planning. We have the road to leave Eveleigh.

OTHR would like to extend thanks to the following persons and organisations who made the move possible:

  • Lachlan Valley Railway: Organising the train path and movement at cost particularly Tony Healey, Gavin Knowles and Paul Stapleton.
  • Volunteer LVR crews Driver Jason McIntyre, 2nd person Creagh Maywald & Driver John Mackie, 2 nd person Stephen Preston. and Jess Hall.
  • Goodwin Alco: Provided free use of locos 4501 & 4833 and donated cost of fuel used.
  • 3801 Ltd: Interim storage at Eveleigh and workshop facilities.
  • Jason McIntyre as LVR fitter for restoring missing components to 7307, inspection and certification of both locos
  • Goodwin Alco, Jason McIntyre & John Currey for providing/arranging replacement components
  • Patricks: For cooperation with repairs at and movement in/out Botany and providing local crew at Botany.


Second person, Steve, is a study in concentration as we head towards Port Botany. The 73s in sight at the Patricks Terminal .


A bit of shunting by the helpful crew at Patricks 4833 in the shafts and 4501 coupling on behind.

9 (photo ©Steve Preston)
OTHR mechanical representatives - Rick Fletcher and President Shane Moorhead are delighted that all is well during an inspection stop.
Shane's oft repeated comment was "Very impressive!"

10 (photo ©Steve Preston)
2nd person Creagh Maywald (LVR) keeps a close watch on proceedings.

Pretend driver - Shane Moorhead, OTHR (stationary loco unfortunately)

(photo ©Steve Preston)

(photo ©Steve Preston)
Back through the goods lines approaching Sydenham.
Some shunting at the large erecting shop at Eveleigh.

14 (photo ©Steve Preston)
A temporary home under cover. OTHR expresses its thanks to Dr. John Glastonbury and the team at 3801 Ltd
for allowing us temporary storage at Eveleigh until the locos are prepared for the long tow to Tarana.

As "found".