The photo was probably taken just before 4pm on Wednesday the 3rd of October as the official train has yet to arrive for the 4pm opening.
The skies were clear and the day must have been cool judging by the coats and turned-up collars. The bunting suggests a gentle southerly breeze. But at least the shadows show that the sun was out.

The Down Home signal visible in the photo is set to allow the train to enter the platform on the main line.
The Loop Line and the Goods Siding are visible to the right. People are standing on this siding and a train has been made up adjacent to the loading bank with a number of S trucks, a 4 wheel louvred van and a 4 wheel water gin closest to the camera (I wonder if the latter was there in case the loco was short of water?).

The gentleman on the left of the photo is Mr David Jamieson of Edith School and his pupils are behind him on the platform.
From other photos on the website there is at least one T Model Ford in the gathering behind the other cars which may belong to the officials as there were various railway Inspectors, a Loco Inspector and the District Superintendent at the opening. These were all important people in the 1920s.

The trucking (stock) yards seem to be just visible in the distance.

To the extreme right of the photo there is a covered sulky and just behind the goods shed there could be the rough frame of a fettlers tent but this is guesswork.
The goods crane clearly shows its 2 ton load capacity.
The state of the sleepers on the main and loop line are interesting - the main seems to be sitting up on the formation but the loop and siding sleepers seem to be well buried perhaps as a result of fair usage during construction.