The photo above is remarkable! Who would believe that the small figure of a year 6 Oberon Central School pupil standing on the platform edge, just to the left of the JHG, is none other than the founding President of OTHR
- Shane Moorhead. He wishes that the same locos and wagons were there now! Thank heavens school teacher John Kember had the foresight to take the kids to view the last train. We will try to pose Shane in the same spot when the next train runs! 4901 is shunting the yard -
27th Sept 1979. (© Dennis O'Brien)
A sad postscript to the above photo - 29 years later, in July 2008 some members of OTHR, including Shane Moorhead attended the auction of various rolling stock at Casino. Amongst the sad remnants was the bogie-less remains of 4901 as shown below. We would like to have obtained 4901 with the view to resurrecting it to commemorate it's role in powering the last commercial train on the line, but that was not to be. Heritage values don't prevail but the "scrappies" dollars do! (photo © Bill Muldoon)