Original caption: "Mrs. Baldwin & Peta leaving Oberon"
This photograph was taken in Oberon Station - possibly 1923 or 1924
It is a "Redfern Car" LCC 42 (although the "4" is arguable), and was probably built in 1884.
This was actually known as an "Ordinary Redfern" car as opposed to the slightly later "Improved Redfern" car.
The Ordinary Redfern cars were light weight timber framed carriages some of which had a second roof added to improve cooling.
The LCC classification indicated that this was a Lavatory car ie. toilet facilities were provided for the passengers.
LCC42 was converted from a CBH in Sept 1923 and then converted to a weighbridge fitter's van in 1929 - condemned in 1967
(source: Cooke, Estell, Seckold, Beckhaus & Toohey- 1999 Coaching Stock of the NSW Railways - Eveleigh Press, pp79)