A construction train taken in 1923. The locomotive is A196 (of the A93 class renumbered to 1945 in the year 1924).
This photo appears to be taken opposite the loading bank in Oberon yard and facing NE. The locomotive is facing Tarana which is "wrong" way
for later accepted practice where 19 class locos were always funnel first up the steep grade to keep the boiler crown plate covered with water.
The bogie wagon looks to be a TF, tubular frame flat wagon which would have been one of the batch imported from the USA in 1891 in kit form.
They didn't survive much beyond World War 1 so this one must have been employed on construction trains such as this in 1923.
It would be interesting to know what the gangers are up to - one appears to be having a swig from a bottle. A gangers tool box is alongside the line.
A196 was recorded on the line in 1922 as a construction locomotive and is shown in Pg 1 of the photos.