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Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc.
Clive Payne - OTHR Fettler

Replacing and greasing the fishplates is a messy job.
Clive Payne does the preliminary tightening with a socket.

Clive is one of the regular volunteers at all our working bees and his tireless work as a fettler has contributed greatly to OTHR's progress on the line. Clive and his wife Irene live in Tarana and have become involved in all of our activities.

Clive grew up in the Mt Pritchard – Liverpool area and has had a long involvement with the railways in NSW. At the age of 15 years and three months Clive joined the railways and became a shop boy, an acting fireman and then a fireman. At the age of 26 Clive became the youngest train driver in the State.

Clive drove steam and diesel engines as well as electric trains. During his 42 years on the railways Clive was also a driver trainer and acting loco inspector. Clive loves to see the restoration of the Oberon to Tarana line because, as he said, “It puts pride back into one's life's work and it's great to see a line opening up again.”

We are certain that through the work of OTHR's volunteers, Clive will see his dream come true. See Clive's AFULE Certificate