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Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc.
Bill Muldoon - OTHR President (2008)

President Bill Muldoon at a meeting on the line - and it was a cold and windy day.

Bill grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and went to school in Summer Hill before studying engineering at what is now UTS. He worked in his family's business for 36 years before moving permanently to Oberon nine years ago. Bill runs the Thrifty-Link Hardware store in Oberon and has had an association with the Oberon district for 19 years.

He maintains that Oberon has transformed his life as he gains pleasure from the friendships made in a small town that has so much community spirit. Community service is a passion for Bill and is exemplified through his work in Oberon Rotary Club (he is a Past President) and his strong involvement in OTHR.

When not involved with heritage railway matters Bill loves to indulge his enjoyment of art, music and simple, but fine food. He loves travelling in the Australian outback where he appreciates the sparseness and the detail of the landscape. Bill says, “building the railway line here in Oberon is a great new adventure and I am very pleased to be part of it.”