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Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc.
Ross Allan - OTHR Fettler

Ross in his workshop which is currently the restoration centre for the Wickham railcar.

Ross was born in Merriwa N.S.W. and moved to the Cooma district at age three where he grew up on a grazing property breeding merino sheep and mixed cattle. At a young age Ross took over the running of the farm and established Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset studs. He became involved in many activities in the Monaro district including becoming a Councillor and then Deputy President of the Monaro Shire. He was also very involved in skiing clubs. We hope that Oberon has a better snow season for Ross in 2008!

After his rural life Ross moved into the financial service industry, working in Canberra and Sydney for many years. Following his retirement the call of the land has proved strong and Ross and his wife Alison's move to Hazelgrove has been OTHR's gain. During the past two plus years Ross has been a tower of strength in OTHR showing his versatility by laying sleepers, painting, using brush cutters to clear the line and heading up the team restoring our 1955 Wickham rail car (or section car) in his workshop. We hear tell the trolley is almost ready for a trial run. Congratulations to Ross and his team members for their superb restoration work. Will Alison soon have her garage back? Check out the Section Car Restoration Report from Ross and the photographic record on OTHR's website.

A final thought since Ross is the only member of OTHR from Hazelgrove, will he be appointed as the first stationmaster at Hazelgrove siding when our train is operating?