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Oberon Branch
Historical Photos: ACT- ARHS and GMR Visit
These photographs are provided as a background to the restoration of the branch line and for the information of historians and enthusiasts.
Where possible, sources have been acknowledged. The Copyright of these photographs remains with the source / photographer and these photographs may not be reproduced without their permission.
If you have any photographs or additional information you would like to make available for public viewing could you please contact Rick at:   Likewise if you have any additional information about errors, sources or captions, please let me know.
Management Committee members trekked the country to pick up ideas and information from other Heritage Rail groups.
These photos were taken in a May 2005 visits to Glenreagh Mountain Railway and the ACT Division of the Aust. Railway Historical Society
These photos now have their own Historical value due to the closure of ARHS-ACT and the loss of accreditation at GMR
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Top 2 Row pics taken by Rick Fletcher 2005
CPH37 at Canberra - this is the type of rail motor we were hoping to lease for early passenger operations
Rail bus FP11 at Canberra - another possible type for small passenger operations and maintenance gang transport.
CPH27 receives attention from Roger Howard
ACT Divisions lovely 12 class steam loco # 1210
Showing 1210s pedigree - a Beyer Peacock loco of 1878
Lower Row pics taken by Matt McMahon when he & Shane Moorhead visited GMRin 2005.
"What Might Have Been!" - loco 1919 at Glenreagh.
This loco spent 18 years on the Oberon line.
Showing 1919s pedigree - another Beyer Peacock loco of 1878
Glenreagh Mountain Rly have similar culvert problems to Oberon. The green stuff is grass - not seen much in the rest of the country!