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A196 (later1945) on a construction train - bet. Dec1922 & May '23. Oberon Goods Shed under construction in the background. (Source: Oberon Museum)
The opening of the line on 3rd Oct 1923. detailed large photo (June 2007)
(Source: Alan Sharp Collection)
Opening day Wed 3rd Oct 1923.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Opening day Wed 3rd Oct 1923. Model T Ford in foreground.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Opening day 1953 - the ribbon is about to be cut by Mrs Burcher as the tender of A369 (1953) approaches.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Postcard - 1913 (?) in the late 40s or in 1950 at Oberon Station
(Source: The Valentine Publishing Co P/L)
1945 on a mixed from Oberon April '41. Unusually running funnel first to Tarana.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Circa 1930s mixed at Oberon station showing the side loading HS composite carriage with a GSV loaded sheep van.
(Source: Brenda Lyons)
1919 on the last steam hauled train in 1963
(Source: Oberon Museum)
1957, 2nd loco on the last steam hauled train in 1963 while 1919 runs around the train.
(Source: Oberon Museum)
Hazelgrove station 1956, Oberon is to the right.
(Source: Michael Bannister.)
Rear of Hazelgrove station, facing East.
(Source: Photographer unknown - kindly provided by Oberon Library.)
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